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Jaxo SnapABar Snap'A'Bar decodes on the mobile phone the image of linear and 2-dimensional barcodes — namely, QR-code, Datamatrix and EAN13.  More than just textual data, Snap'A'Bar 2D barcode's can hold "hyperlinks" such as, Web addresses, SMS calls, Voice calls, e-mails.

        Download  our mobile barcode reader and discover the coolest way to get content.

Jaxo BarCapture BarCapture decodes 2D and linear barcodes on your PC.  Runs on most popular operating systems. You've found a QR-code or a Data Matrix on a website, a blog, and are curious about what it means? Use the "crop-tool" to frame it, release the mouse button to get the barcode decoded.

        Download  a standalone version for your personal use.

Jaxo CamABar Cam'A'Bar permits to decode images of barcodes from a Webcam.  The barcodes are automatically recognized: Qrcode's, Data Matrix, or EAN13.  If the barcode has an hyperlink inside, then a choice is given to navigate to this link.  Cam'A'Bar runs on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

There is currently a version ready for beta-test.  If you want to enroll in our beta-tester program, please fill this request form.

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