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Snap'A'Bar decodes on the mobile phone the image of linear and 2-dimensional barcodes — namely, QR-code, DataMatrix, EAN 13 and EAN 8, although Aztec should follow shortly.  Here is a typical scenario:
At a bus stop, a placard advertizes for the new series of BNW cars. For customers to test and ride those cars, they must call the car seller for rendezvous.  Several phone numbers are shown, depending on the car model.

It is not so easy to remember all these numbers. Fortunately, printed on the placard, is a QR-code.

The customer activates the Snap'A'Bar application on the mobile phone, and takes a picture of the barcode.  From this point, all data pertinent to this ads is stored on the phone(possibly, among other ads.)

Later, when the customer decides to re-read the ads on the phone, Snap'A'Bar is smart enough to propose a choice of cars, and calls the appropriate number within a single click.

More than just textual data, this Snap'A'Bar QR-code can hold "hyperlinks" such as:

  • Web addresses,
  • SMS calls,
  • Voice calls,
  • e-mail.

One can imagine several different scenarii.  For instance, a kind of 'treasure hunt' for an advertisement campaign...

The solution comprises :

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