"Introducing Jaxo Systems' Revolutionary 2D Barcode Technology for Businesses."

Jaxo Systems can assist your company when they require 2D barcode implementation, due to our deep understanding of this cutting-edge technology. By teaming with us and taking advantage of pre-built solutions we offer for advertising, ticketing, file system needs and many others โ€“ help take your organization further by teaming with us โ€“ just like so many others before have done. 2D barcodes have arrived directly onto computers and smartphones โ€“ take your company further with 2D barcodes!

Jaxo Systems is a leader in providing 2D barcode solutions for a variety of Java environments, including 

Windows Mobile

Expert BarCode SDK makes integrating 2D barcode technology easily into desktop and mobile apps without breaking a sweat, without needing an expert developer on staff to do it for them. Our library supports all popular 2D barcode formats - PDF417, Data Matrix and QR codes among them!

Even on damaged and low-quality photographs, our library's sophisticated algorithms can quickly and accurately scan and decode barcodes. Smartphones and tablets with low processing power make ideal devices for this process.

Our library makes it simple for developers to generate, display, read and process barcodes instantly in real-time - ideal for use cases like ticketing, inventory control and loyalty programs.

As part of our efforts to help developers quickly get up and running quickly and smoothly, we offer various resources in addition to our robust Java library, such as technical support from our expert team as well as sample code samples and detailed documentation. Jaxo Systems strives to meet the ever-evolving demands of its clients by developing cutting edge barcode technologies. From sole proprietorships to multinational conglomerates, our mission is providing each business with top quality solutions.

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Be assured that your barcodes will always be legible and accurate as our software stays abreast with the newest barcode standards and algorithms.

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Expert compression methods using Code 128 and Datamatrix technologies.


As part of their specification and size requirements, barcodes offer great barcoding opportunities.


Individual algorithms exist for both video capture and decode;

Do not join our thousands of satisfied clients; join the thousands who rely on Jaxo Systems' knowledge to enhance barcode integration and utilize cutting-edge barcode technology in their applications. Jaxo Systems connects 2D barcode universe to mobile devices and desktop computers through our Java library for barcodes, image processing, encoders and decoders: you have come to right place!
Expert BarCode SDK makes incorporating 2D barcode technology easy for developers and businesses, supporting all popular formats including PDF417, Data Matrix and QR Codes across platforms for seamless use in desktop and mobile apps. Users will appreciate its user-friendliness as they build apps quickly utilizing these 2D barcode technologies - PDF417, Data Matrix and QR codes are supported among others!
Even with damaged or poor-quality photos, our library's sophisticated algorithms can quickly and accurately scan and decode barcodes - even quickly on mobile phones or tablets with limited processing power! Smartphones and tablets make ideal devices for this.

Our library makes it simple for developers to quickly generate, display, read, and process barcodes in real-time โ€“ perfect for ticketing applications, inventory control systems, loyalty programs, etc.

As part of our effort to help developers quickly get up and running quickly and effortlessly, we offer various resources โ€“ in addition to our robust Java library โ€“ designed to facilitate rapid setup. These include technical support from our expert team as well as sample code samples and comprehensive documentation.

Jaxo Systems strives to stay ahead of our clientsโ€™ ever-evolving requirements by continually developing new barcode technologies. From sole proprietorships to multinational conglomerates, we are dedicated to offering all businesses exceptional solutions of superior quality.

Make barcode integration seamless and enhance apps with sophisticated barcode technology โ€“ join hundreds of satisfied clients who have taken advantage of our expertise! If you have any inquiries or would like further details on what products or services we provide, feel free to explore our website; Jaxo Systems appreciates being part of your journey.

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At Jaxo Systems, we understand the significance of making 2D barcodes accessible and user-friendly for everyone. Thatโ€™s why we developed BarShow: an all-inclusive barcode editor which makes making two dimensional barcodes effortless on any computer system.

BarShow makes barcoding quick and simple with PDF417, Data Matrix, QR code formats in no time at all! Customize barcode size, shape, color scheme or add text or logos via our intuitive user interface for maximum efficiency.

BarShow is an efficient tool for inventory and ticket management, ticketing and more, capable of creating barcodes as well as scanning and decoding existing ones. If your barcode needs are digital or print projects you can even download them as high-resolution photos!


Our objective is to achieve perfect harmony in the administration of digital and physical data, streamline inventory and supply chains management, enhance marketing campaigns by increasing consumer participation, make data more secure from human error while making marketing campaigns more successful overall

Real-time reporting and tracking capabilities. Utilize data analytics as an asset and make more intelligent choices.

Jaxo Systems makes your data administration as effortless and effective as possible

At Jaxo Systems, our team takes great pride in its extensive understanding of 2D barcodes and in keeping abreast of industry developments and technological innovations. In order to meet each of our clientโ€™s individual demands and fulfill them completely, we invest the necessary time in learning more about them as individuals as well as understanding their respective situations thoroughly.

Clients have complete flexibility when selecting an ideal solution from among our selection of hardware and software options available to them.

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